WE EXPLORE A SECRET CAVE!! The Forest With Talia, Ellum & VizuaLizah

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  • who else creased who ellum scared him at the start haha

  • 5:45 dont mind me , just mark my fav moment for myself to come back

  • is this ever coming to xbox?

  • oh no they missed a katana ?

  • 46:36

  • 36:45

  • 17:25

  • Put a platform underneath the tree house

  • Loving this playlist, I remember a few years back when you did this with behz. Crazy tit lady’s and crazy arm donny’s 😅😎

  • Simon: uhhhh theres brains nd shit me: definitely hearts but ill let it go.

  • I just wanna say why do u need to Burn them zombies

  • Is it just me that questions how they never got the passenger manifest

  • We got swans in Worcester, they’re not ducks 😂😂😂

  • It would’ve been soo much better if they kept the trees around the tree house so it was hidden

  • The sidemen play forest would be so sick

  • R they playing on easy?

  • 26:50 What JJ says when he goes to Simon who was hiding behind the TV after recording a video

  • this should be a more sidemen series!!!!!


  • 25:07 Sorry just a reminder where to come back tomorrow

  • i dont think they know how to put their axe on fire

  • Build a repair tool your door is broken af

  • if you mix skulls with sticks and tree sap you can create candle stands that actually light the place up. so since you've killed loads of cannibals put them also outside so that during the night you can see them coming.

  • Why do I feel like Simon is the older brother, Viz and Ellum are the two twins, and Talia is like the middle child sister😳

  • Build a stick holder so u don’t have to go out

  • just me that loves ellums laugh lmao

  • was hoping simon would realise u can use booze for fire arrows

  • A series of Ark with this same group and maybe vik and Josh would be sickkkkkk

    • They need play ark man it’s too underrated

  • You can make meds with Mary gold and aloe

  • bring back beh2inga and play the forest... or i'll unsub

  • Use traps around your base for super easy kills and burn the body for bone armour, also explore more caves and find the better weapons (modern axe, modern bow and katana) by using the north facing mountain to navigate the map

  • 46:22 I thought talia said the n word for a second lol

  • I’m enjoying the series 👍🏽

  • Amazing series this is!!

  • I really want them to complete the game and not abandon it like markiplier

    • Mark just streamed more of it on Tuesday so there should be more videos of it soon

  • You can Explorer the shipwreck now that you have the rebreither

  • Simon maybe if you try building a platform inside the house it will work

  • It’s just triggering me how on the tree house can’t u put a house on the platform then build a bridge or is it just me thinking that 😂😂

  • this series fire

  • at what time does he usually stream on twitch and what the time zone

  • all 4 of you could all go get different materials in bulk at the same time and build places to store it all so you don’t have to collect every time you want to build stuff

  • You should really get a rock holder and use the sled to collect them because you can’t carry that many by hand

  • make a bow ( 1 stick, 1 rope, 1 cloth)

  • Make a spear

  • I love this serie, I’ve never played thé game but I like to see you play it! Keep it up!

  • this series dope

  • Btw you guys with sleds and storage when you place down the blueprint you can press a button to make them bigger before you start building it

  • Love this and I watched you and ethan play already

  • Can you play this on console ?

  • When will he post another episode

  • Keep up THE GOOD WORK Simon loving the vids

  • cant be the only one hoping they found a monster down there

  • I want to see a tree base

  • imagine being "the donnys"

  • Should be titled zinga in the mud #3

  • Episode 3?

  • only the OGs remember this series which he did with ethan

  • What platform is this game on look great. Also keep up the amazing work Simon!!

  • what is that massive structure for right outside their base?

  • Anyone tryna play the forest on playstation?

  • Im so invested in this series,, i love it✨

  • Simon make a slingshot it uses rocks and does pretty decent damage

  • 46:22 sounds like Talia says n-word

  • Only has 10 dislikes impressive 😂

  • Does anyone know why it says simon never has videos on his twitch like old vods or anything?

  • When’s next one coming out love this game

  • When is the next episode

  • Doesn't feel right without Ethan

  • Wait what did talia say 46:20

  • Simon make more pls


  • what happened to their log trolley? thought they built 2? why do they need a log holder...

  • There is a log multiplier glitch where you put one or two logs in the log holder and spam C and E

  • I swear you can put a platform under the tree house and then connect it

  • It’s amazing how he’s replaying this especially because the sequel comes out this year

  • For the first time Simon called Talia Honey 6:40

  • 46:20 Why did Talia said the n-word?

  • I beg you finish the game

  • anyone else think he said to talia “honey behind you”

  • this is definetly better than watching talia be super stinky at this game lol

  • If you’ve slept in the tree house it changes your you ability to sleep in the base just an FYI

  • Fix the door damn it!!

  • I need more of this. I love this kinda game play. Getting me through lockdown!

  • More!!

  • i can rewatch it and it wont get bored this is the best


  • Simon if I can would I be able to join and help u if not then I will try to explain in comments love the videos keep up the good work

  • Ngl this was actually good for someone watching it for the first tiem

  • Getting ready for the forest 2 👌👌

  • Can u play forest with me please

  • Can u play forest with me please

  • I'm sorry but Simon is just plain stupid. He had discovered the axes in the last series as well. Literally, Ethan and he even discovered the Katana. Also, doesn't save food in the drier. I'm amazed he even considers himself to have average intelligence

  • You need to loot better

  • We need this more ....

  • ngl, Simon needs to keep this up

  • You need to try find the katana and the axe it will help a lot

  • Love the consistency Stimpy

  • Build traps , and stone walls because some cannibals can barge through the wood defence with one hit

  • Great American Accent Simon

  • Love the series so far plz keep it goin