WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE 0 IQ..... (Modded Among Us) (Sidemen Proximity Chat)

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  • Talia says it’s viz but still votes josh🤦‍♀️

  • This proves that Callux is the dumbest player in this game

  • This actually made me mad- like bruh

  • It would be fantastic if the dead could be quiet during the final meeting....

  • Jesus loves you brochachos

  • Do you have to put that noob pic of you there it’s so annoying

  • Why is this 0 IQ when Vik outsmarted you all

  • Who else fucking hate with a passion on these among us vids

  • thanks, I have a headache now!

  • Keep please keep Lux out of these games. He’s bare annoying

  • my frustration was ✨spiraling✨ and I wasn't even playing

  • I wish you guys would just do less videos with the cals

  • Them lot are in absolute shambles Vik chatting bare shit

  • Randy is literally the smoothest brain in every video wtf

  • That was so painful to watch HAHA

  • why is randolph and talia constantly so shit 😂

  • Ppl in the comments mad about how Vik plays are all sensitive crybabies🤣🤣🤣. Doesn't matter if he waffles his way to a win when he's imposter. Blame the other dumb players that don't see through it. If anything, it proves he's better at the game than the others.

  • Watching Simon's among us videos actually make me angry

  • I lost 99% of my brain cell

  • Like no joke i felt the pain that simon talked abt bunch of idiots

  • what a bunch of idiots!

  • Add this onto the list of games randy's thrown lol

  • Vik just gaslight everyone, he absolutely didn’t deserve that win but fair play

  • Round 1. Vikk: It can't be randy or lux it 100% must be simon Round 2 Josh kills viz In front of everyone Vikk: Josh could be lying. It was definetly Simon let's vote him out to win. Round 3: It's 100% Lux and randy so we have to vote one of them out now. Did no one notice how many 100% hard accuses vik dealt out

  • How do no one say it was vik. He literally said there were 4 imposters as he said josh was lying about being sheriff and lux and randy got the first 2 kills after it was 100% simon

  • Pain. All I see is pain.

  • ik vik is playing the game but he is so annoying

  • I lost brain cells watching this

  • i shouldn't have watched this before my exam I need my braincells

  • I’m genuinely pissed off from watching this

  • jij bent echt pro gast

  • 0IQ

  • That is the worst lobby ever!

  • I absolutely lost brain cells watching this

  • Talia had a shocker 💢

  • this lobby makes me physically aggressive

  • Vikk is the most annoying person in among us

  • Lux really pissed me off

  • 11:28 😂😂😂

  • 121161st

  • This is the thing about this game. I love callux and stuff but they just aren’t meant for this game. Simon legit just said what he did and yes they should have been suss of him but going ‘it’s not good enough’ and voting him out with no evidence just isn’t fun. It’s the same as pressing the button coz someone looked at you funny

  • Among us will always live on! ⬇ If by some small chance you are reading this PLEASE like it.

  • What happened to FALL GUYS

  • Forget 0 IQ, this was like -1000 IQ 😂😂😂

  • Viz was obviously 1 because josh wouldve died when he killed viz🤦‍♂️

    • But they wouldn't have know if he was the importer or sherrif🤦‍♂️

  • I’ve watched this so many times on different people’s channels 😂

  • I HATE how Theo says ‘I told you it was vik’ at the end when he agreed with him for pretty much the whole game

  • 11:34 Talia didn’t like that 😂

  • My brain cells after this video 👨🏻‍🦯

  • watching this made me want to cry

  • Lux triggers me so hard!

    • @Dan K nah i have seen callux thrown much worse then Vik. Just look at when he voted Milk just because of what he ate for breakfast.

    • Nah it’s vik

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my brain hurts💀💀💀💀, how are these people sooooooo sthooooooopid

  • I regret clicking on the video now

  • i would never play this game with vik, he’s such a try hard it wouldnt even be fun. id vote him out every time

  • Randolph and Simon should do what's good podcast on the mod

  • Me: liking all the comments related to vik & other people having smooth marble brain It ain't much but honest work

  • This was really yhe dumbest bunch ever normally they good but this game good god they suck

  • Talia stink badd

  • Talk a stink

  • I feel bad watching this

  • My brain hurts

  • Where is cold war

  • First meeting nobody heard Vik say the body is in electrical when he didn’t report it👀 unless he was with Lux

    • He said "we walked in and saw nothing" so guess he was with lux

  • You guys are hating way too much. Everyone is either doing their best or throwing for content. Vik, whether imposter or crew, likes to figure out things as logically as possible. Yes he can talk a lot and be annoying, but that's how he plays. He won this game, didn't he? Cal Freezy yells down whoever he's blaming when he's imposter. Josh tries to calmly confuse people and you can almost never tell when he's lying, at least I can't. Simon tends to buddy up with others to get alibis. That's just how they play the game.

    • We need more comments like the one above me please.

  • I like how Lux, Talia, Theo and Randolph all individually had stupid moments.

  • To be fair though, everyone apart from Vik is using marble brain strats lmao

    • Vik was using marble brain straps. He literally hard accused 4 different people and even denied rhat josh or viz were imposter when it was 100% confirmed that atleast one of them was. He was clearly panicking but no one had a larger marble to realise what was happening

  • Why is Simon so against Vik getting a video

  • That was so hard to warch

  • Randolph always trys to be funny but for us is just like bruh you stupid sometimes ngl

  • vik pisses me off the most in among us

  • Can someone tell me what mod is this ?

  • Callux, Randolph, Talia, Theo (kinda), Josh (kinda) -500 iq in this😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Josh literally did nothing wrong and was the only one with a brain. He didnt even vote for Simon till everyone had voted and then killed an imposter


  • Without a doubt, the angriest I've ever been watching a HRdown video. I like Vik until he's an Among Us imposter because he comes up with these idiotic theories that the others are too pea brained to see through and then he thinks he's the shit after he wins.

    • Not only imposter he makes the dumbest plays as cremate too

    • lol if you use a dumb tactic and still end up winning, I don't see why you shouldn't be celebrating hahahahahahah

  • Talía is usually spot on cant lie

  • Idk why but vikk pisses me off so much in among us videos😂

  • This actually annoyed me

  • lux is such a marble brain

  • It wouldn’t be a among us video without Randolph throwing with 0 iq plays

  • Lux always questioning other people position though

  • this is actually a low IQ lobby

  • Watching from - Vikks point of view: Hilarious Simons point of view: Painful

  • These are the games that make u wonna break ur device....theo is the smallest brain to ever play among us, if he’s one of the last ones left you already know the impostor will take the easy W

  • Talia actually stinks at this game 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pain

  • I thought i would never see brains SMOOTHER than the miami in florida thing and then i saw this vid

  • Great video brotherr amung us is sick

  • when they play the sheriff mode they should put the show Sherrif control on

  • Simon: *Watch this if you want to experience 0 IQ* Also Simon: misspells experience

  • lux is the worse crewmate i swear

  • If you want to experience 0 IQ just watch Manchester United. Sad thing is I’m a united fan 😪

  • Once I read 0 IQ, I knew Randy was being himself again. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Simon got done so dirty bless him haha

  • Vik literally just puts it on a person every round everytime hes imposter and barely speaks when hes not idk how they dont notice it

  • So many braincells lost

  • I think my brain now has cancer after watching that

  • Whenever vik is an imposter he try to thorw it on someone but, no one realise it

  • Viz and Vik cleared each other on the first round and then Sherriff killed Viz, so why would you not go Vik after that lmao

  • Tbf to Simon and Talia they actually try, while Vikk overcomplicates everything and the other don't play seriously most of the time

  • No worries cal you can ask for 10 million likes soon