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  • TOTY at 15:55

  • Last

  • Let her open a icon pack 🙂

  • I don't mean to flex but I did get hummells in a 7.5k pack

  • Shawty a little badyyy

  • thiago is amazing

  • Tell talia to open your packs every time you do fifa pack opening

  • talia ya know that that de ligt guy you just packed is over 5 years younger than you lol

  • If she gets one u have to do anther assitent vid

  • Wtf is this, I remember the good old days when you brought the game and had access to every player

    • Bro that was never???

  • get harry as a guest for the henry theory

  • New haircut every time

  • packed 3 and all from the gold upgrade sbcs

  • I still can't believe talia and Simon are together 😉

  • 😔Let's See How Much Subscribers I Can Get From This Comment Currant 24 Subs.....

  • How does she grow her hair that long in a day 🤨

    • It's called hair extensions

    • Hair extensions?

  • who else would take a neur toty

  • Talias a stinker

  • atfer watching the whole video, i realised that they don't pack a single good player all video msh lol

  • I did both of them when the game came out and got Messi from the 85+ and Europa league RTTF Pogba from the 83+

  • Mad

  • is your gf single


  • Talia should open more packs😞

  • We need to see Talia on your Henry Theory.

    • Especially considering one of her childhood crushes was Thierry Henry 😆

  • I hope you was happy doing it

  • I packed Toty lewa from one 25k pack and then tonight I packed prome gerrard from squad battles rewards. Ea has blessed me

  • Don’t use the Lord’s name in vein

  • How can you get those packs

  • A moment of appreciation for minzo for being such a positive person

  • I love how we could all tell from the title that the packs were bad and they didn’t get anything gd yet we still all watch it ahahahaha

  • When you buy packs with coins it’s garbage but when you buy with points its 70% walkout????????????

  • He should discard talia

  • All of that and u dont play the game what a waste of players

  • harry: you silly bitch talia:*laughs* tobi: why is talia here? talia:*gets annoyed*

  • Don’t worry Talia, you tried your best 😁

  • Loving the content Simon keep it up lad

  • talia made the harry face haha 4:40

  • I didn’t get a walkout from my 85+

  • Yooooo just had the exact same 85x5 pack that’s insane

  • 10:13 for TOTY

  • When it's a toty the back is purple not blue

  • RIP Minzo

    • It's all good! That was the best players i got in the entire week. 150k fifa points and 300+ packs.. the best players were Talias and then i got myself a IF muller

  • She looks like a different person between the two clips 😂

  • Imagine your girlfriend looking different every single day 😂

  • only walkout from 83 plus was navas for nani sbc

  • Next time Talia opens packs she will get something! I promise!

  • 13:15 best pack

  • Take Talia to Dubai

  • I packed mbappe

  • I packed toty Ramos out of 85 x 5

  • Pope stinky? He's the best keeper in the game

  • Simon do pack opening with your real girlfriend ( KSI )

  • Great pack luck

  • Yeah she shouldn’t go near packs anytime soon lmao

  • hello there

  • Is she doing sloppy seconds again 🤔

  • Taila is so nice

  • Shout out minzo


  • Minzo is such a great guy

    • Thank you brother! much appreciated

  • Hey

  • i feel like she isn't interested in opening packs but she only does it for simon

  • Can we all jus appreciate how much of a real one minzo is

    • @MinzoGaming Selvfølgelig. Stor fan af dig!

    • Thank you for the kind words!

    • @REAL HAM Hahaha! I guess you're a dane too? ;)

    • Minzo do be a goat. He danish too which makes it 10x better

  • Just a question i want to pack more bcs i didn’t pack a single thing but i can’t buy fifa point bcs of the rules of my country. Is there a way to get fifa point? Or use a vpn?

  • Petition for Talia to take an hour out of her day to take multiple pictures for Simons thumbnails

  • does talia really think there is a skill behind opening packs or?

  • Surely I ain’t the only one that’s packed jacks shit in toty

    • I got honourable mentions navas but I think besides that I got 1 bad inform and a di Maria

    • @Alfie Murray lucky bro I never get that pack luck my best pack this year is a normal rashford from a pl upgrade

    • I was having bad luck but then I got IF neymar out of a two rare gold players pack

    • Best player I got was Harry Kane

  • Hi

  • Talk with Castro His girl won him 20,000$ card. I don't know what he did to her but she is lucky af

  • Reason why Talia’s packs are so bad: SHE’S A FRICKIN ARSENAL FAN Just saying, her packs will be better if she becomes a Chelsea fan

  • The only good player I'v ever packed is Davies I did about 5 icon packs and got Scholes Keane Vidic Hagi And the only good one Zambrotta

  • Minzo a g

  • I got kimmich and Mbappe from the free packs

  • Hi

  • Talia in the mud pass it on

  • That’s a stinker viz

  • MandemMar

  • Hope everyone packs a TOTY

  • What does it mean that Talia can be mandem?

  • Who are the 15 that disliked this?

  • I packed 90 mbappe from a 5k pack

  • Poor Minzo😔

    • It's okay! she got me the best players in the toty week

  • Talia so PENG

  • Talia is looking very cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • Omg ur main channel and charli are tying on subs😭🤍

  • Amazing, love your video bro

  • Your girls so peng bro

  • Let’s be real, we didnt care about the packs

  • What does he mean with gifting 69 subs

    • @Rafi Swagadon i think it happens automatically. You can check your subscriptions. If you see a channel there that you didn't actively subscribe to, you probably got a gifted sub from them.

    • @Gohan how can you claim a gifted sub

    • @Gohan ok thx👍

    • On twitch you have to pay to subscribe. So Simon can GIFT subs to 69 people watching his stream so they don't have to pay but enjoy benefits of a subscriber.

    • On twitch live stream he would gift 69 people twitch Subs for his twitch channel

  • Charli has more subs den u 😥😥😥

  • Leeds for the dub let’s gooo

  • Im talia she can open my packet lol

  • Minzo is an icon

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!

  • Simon I packet to team of the year Bruno in a gold pack

  • Gotta love being the 69th like...Nice

  • I've accepted not packing anything good ever in my life. I cba for these promos that ea release


  • yo the title is fake

  • Talia appeared three times and she looked different every time

    • @James Johnson YAAAGAA

    • @ort P could be

    • @Oliver Williams called hair extensions

    • @hareish if ur ever at a miniminter meet and greet give it a tug

    • @James Johnson wouldnt surprise me tbh