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  • I was thinking why would you want an 82 rated player then I realised he’s a Leeds player

  • Weres salah

  • Wut bout ps5

  • 11 bamfords

  • Hi I’m new to FIFA’s Can you give me some tips and how to get moneys

  • I have soucek inform its also 86 lmao 😂

  • I got Salah

  • I packed inform bamford

  • He has a PS4 I thought he had a PS5?

  • At 9:53 y was it old Totw

  • Where the fuck is the salah

  • Am I got gold 2 but not even getting a walkout

  • Did I just get click baited???

  • Where was the salah in the thumbnail

  • The amount of times he said let’s gooo!🤣🤣🤣

  • Can you open my champs rewards I got gold 3 so eh not bad

  • Just finished my first ever weekend league 🙏 only finished silver 1 but still super happy with the 11 wins

  • So shut ya mouths hahahahahahaha

  • Lord bamford

  • Omg Simon so fucking annoying now he’s just screaming half the video

  • He screaming to much bruv i muted my sound to watch it peacefully fucking hell

  • Are elite cards there on FIFA 21? If so, are they similar or different to the ones on FIFA Mobile?

  • 13:59 just saying personally I’d take milinkovic Slavic he looks sick tbf

  • Yo simon can you stop shutup

  • I am the one who got Nedved, and he is worth it, Thanks Simon :)

  • I’m unsubbing for the clickbait

    • Oooooo sorry PS84 with the Fortnite pfp

  • As a gold 3 I got savic and cancelo LMAO

  • picking 82 meh bamford, yeees boys he is sick what a card (i know he is leeds fan but) then 84 really sick wilson with op stats - nah i am sorry, its not great........

  • My mate packed 91 rated Koeman out of a two rare gold players pack ☹️

  • Salah ?.?

  • Well he click baited is

  • I don’t play fifa but yesterday I bought fifa 21 and today I packed Ronaldo 😱😂

  • Man literally said at the end he want everyone to tell him how many bamford has pick then he go on and just tell them the answer everytime there a bamford

  • 5:53 how is his record that good!!!!!

  • I got 88 savic silver 1

  • Dj khaled be like : 16:44

  • This lighting hits different

  • Ur actually so loud and annoying when streaming

  • 3 games 3 goals

  • I got Bamford in silver 1

  • I stopped at silver 1 and got martinez

  • hello

  • Bit of advice - stop screaming like a 12 year old girl

  • I got silver 3 and got bamford and another 82

  • His background is same but looks better idk y

  • Bro I get gold every week and never get anything over 84 rated

  • You may say that giakoumakis is stinker but he was the first scorer of January destroying messi and lewandowski

  • "7:21" I used this today to get 200kCoins 𝗙𝗜𝗙𝗔𝗫𝗖𝗢𝗜𝗡.𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘 it worksI pretty well' ବଲପଏଣ୍ଟ ପେଣ୍ଟିଂ ସ୍କାଏନା ନଦୀ ସମୁଦ୍ର |

  • we got click baited😭😭😭😭😭

  • Who misses simons old pack openings

  • The fact that Simon is pressuring people to pick Bamford when they clearly don’t want to

  • Yo Simon the background looks sick

  • Can we please get some more pack battles with josh?

  • The click bait is real

  • where the hell is inform salah?

  • When I watch these I always wish they were his players not other people’s lol

    • When I watch these I always wish they were my players

  • Thank you

  • Can you imagine getting elite and in one of the picks the highest rated is bamford

  • Hi

  • I am an Egyptian and of coarse I love Salah

  • I dont support leeds but i want them to do well, should've seen the excitement when I packed bamford

  • I packed a future star

  • Title: *This is why Gold is better than Elite* Me getting gold and not even getting bamford😪

  • I watch Simon from Egypt.

    • lmao so do i

  • Those lights in his background look so wrong

  • Love the clickbait on the THIRD CHANNRL ya know

  • i love how simon celebrates chiellini more than butra

  • Should do a pes become a legend

  • TBH that background kinda fire!

  • Clickbait i see😂😂😂

  • Wait what?! I watched the whole video he didn’t get Salah????

  • Simon moved out already?! Wow

  • I swear this is just a compilation of Simon going oohhhhhhh.... Bamford!!!

  • How is Callum Wilson bad

  • I got deaf after this video

  • is this his new room?

  • Got to agree I got 83 and 82 Bamford

  • This vid is a banger watch it all

  • can you give me same fifa 21coin

  • hi

  • Packed cantona in elite

  • So im assuming hes moved then

  • You can tell he’s moved

  • gay station

  • 7:00 14:42 9:12 the icons 3:48 good Fut champions player pick 13:50 another good one 12:26 chiellini

  • Idk if this is click bait but i feel like i have been.

  • Early

  • POV : ur looking in the comments to see if he got salah and he didn’t

  • Never seen anyone get so excited over bamford

  • You cant Mess with Salah Sometimes

  • 11:43 Simon autotune?

  • Has simon moved now his background looks different

    • @Hqrry Potter the room where he recorded this video is in the house he already lives in. But I know him and JJ are moving out anyway

    • @SoLvEnItE Plays dumbass he moved out to another apartment but it’s the same one he was in ffs I don’t know how to explain

    • @SoLvEnItE Plays nah he’s moved house

    • Fam he's just changed the lights up

    • @Hqrry Potter thx

  • Miniminter is such a sick guy

  • Nedved may not look good or worth anything hes really good i used him in a fut draft really fast

    • @Kayden lucky

    • @A1._Taran like 20 mins ago I collected my div rewards and got 90 rated icon bergkamp

    • i am the one who got him, and he is sick

  • I probably see Simon more than talia does

  • Simon has no Fifa knowledge it’s painful 😂

  • Is that a new camera

  • Still waiting for that Spoonfoot card.

  • "TOTW is average"

  • Me: reads title Second rewards are elite 3 Also me: well this is gonna be awful

    • Bruh trust

    • I swear Silver 1 or g3 is better value. I got elite 3 and got shit and g3 i got salah...