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  • can we talk abt Simons record

  • Harry makes 10x better fifa conent u lads just pay to win

  • cab you please gift me fifa points

  • I packed future stars antony today

  • These two should play co op

  • pov: you started skipping the vid because Simon wasn’t getting any Future stars

  • The fact he discarded gomez makes me think again about fifa

  • Simon can you do a squad builder showdown with aj3

  • Simon proceeds to discard 10k cards XD

  • Does Simon have literally every player in his club?

  • How are they so casual about packing neymar and messi

  • its amazing how much money they spend on these packs, and the prize is 10 gifted subs lmao

  • If EA don't give us that Messi If this week I'm going to be pissed.

  • Man (josh) said messi is trash 🤦🏽‍♂️ he has 800+ goal contributions in 400 something games on 8 chem with hunter in my team So you’re chatting shit mate

  • Song 25:05 ?

  • I was laughing so hard until josh said Messi is poo

  • Can you bring back the same rules you did in fifa 20

  • Is this the same clip running again and again?

  • bra they got so many fifa points. holy moly

  • I miss the days when they used to be hella excited over Messi, or just one walkout in a single 100k pack

  • 8:00 omg just watch from here

  • If you see this i hate you

  • do a video where you show your club

  • cheeky keylor navas,pop him into the nani sbc

  • These lot are gettin two in one pack and 4 in a row and I can’t even get a board in an ultimate pack

    • @Ghost NFL I got Jonathan viera in the Chinese league😭

    • @Osi I got a Harvey Barnes 🤣🤣

    • might not make your day any better by saying i got a future stars reece james in an 82-88 rated player pack

  • Madness of a video

  • 12:24 the state of fifa is so bad that youtubers dont put "MESSI" in the title anymore...

    • @João Miguel yeah ik, shouldnt be like that

    • Messi sucks this year thats why, and plus they re opening a lot of packs and aiming for future stars

  • These videos are always entertaining but it just shows that FUT is literally pay to win 😩

  • Can we get a counter for how many times Simon said lad

  • We need theory Henry vs packed out

  • man josh is boring

  • Saves an 84 Telles but quick sells an 84 rated in form Perrin...

  • Can u rekord something with aj3?

  • hey, i have a rlly cool idea for you Take a player from ur henry theory account, put him on the transfer market for like over 4 million coins at least and then just buy the player from this account (I see that you have around 7 million coins) , and that way you will be able to afford the new henry and have a lot of coins

  • Well done guys I spent 20 quid as an arsenal fan I was screaming I got sake 😵

  • As a Mexican I hate how they’re saying lainez’s name

  • Ho is here a hour gater it was realeased

  • Who was the first icon josh packed

  • 12:17 fifa really ain’t the same these days 😔

  • man just spend around £2000 in 25 mins

  • The way Simon said Diego Lainez 🤣

  • This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zerkaa in the mud

  • I missed this challenge

  • When the game is so bad that you can get Messi and it’s such a little part of the video is sad

    • @Lewis Brown Nah it’s cause messi ain’t good and not worth millions, if no promos the game gets boring

    • @Max mcandrew it shows that it is way too easy to get better players/cards now, so many different promos that aren’t needed nor make sense. Just shows that EA only care about the money and getting people to buy packs rather than spend time actually fixing and making the gameplay better, instead they are spending all their time designing new cards. ☝️this is why the game is trash

    • How does that make the game bad

  • Josh made his old gta race sound at the start

  • With all the fother they should complete the future star SBCS FOR Jones

  • Almost £2800 for 400,000 you gone ham!


  • OMG

  • How does Simon celebrate a future star before the flare?

  • Simon fifa vs viewers challenge, winners get twitch subs

  • Mom I got a hazard I GOT A HAZARD MOM IG IT A HAZARD

  • Anyone watch Leicester vs Liverpool?

    • My mind has blanked out 10 minutes of it so I'm actually quite happy I watched it

    • Yeah me

  • Let’s see how many subs I can gain from this comment Right now I’m on 601

  • 8:00 Watch the fluctuation of emotions

  • lovethese vids with josh

  • Zerkaa in the mud pass it on

  • Who was watching the stream 😏🤚

  • i fucking love all sidemen simon is my faav sidemen but fifa in 2021 the games washed same old shit for 60 pound or 70 dollars each year people are braindead bying fifa still

  • 25:00 future stars

  • Go to 6:20, that’s where the fun starts, you’re welcome boys

  • Simons reaction to neymar was rubbish

  • I love these

  • In before the I aM AcTuAllY SeEiNg HiM mOrE tHaN mY fRiEnDs

    • @Ainesosa 😁


  • 2:10 Sick Walkout 6:17 Future Star 8:00 2 Future Stars in 1 pack 9:12 Future Star 11:25 Future Star 12:18 Sick Walkout 15:46 Future Star 22:29 Future Star 23:32 Future Star 24:23 Future Star 25:01 Future Star You're Welcome.

    • You forgot about messi😂

    • Safe

    • Legend

    • Don’t see how this is helpful in anyway why do you watch the videos just to skip to see what he gets 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he might as well just tell you rather then telling u when to skip too

    • I love you

  • This was absolutely insane

  • I love how they don’t get hyped by Neymar when I get hyped by 84 coman😂

    • @Kalar On 60hz if it elite 1 I'm top 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fucking fn kid

    • 3m4d_1 mate it’s a joke what ur whole life is And secondly my elite 1 rewards are calm and you don’t get sarcasm obviously I don’t get gassed about 84 coman dumbass

    • @3m4d_1 you know how trash rewards are😂

    • @Kalar On 60hz pretty sure elite 1 players dont get hyped for a 84 😂

    • 3m4d_1 awww fucking cute when I literally get elite 1 in champs so shush I given up fortnite mate so yeah shush🤡

  • how many Fifa points !!

  • 89 viewer

  • Wish ksi was here

  • He just copyied himself for the third time lol

  • Love this guy

  • I'm ur 300 like

  • 90th view If u see this Just laugh at alisson

  • Early allow it

  • Yoo

  • I'm here before 100 views

  • early

  • Not gonna lie like the other 89 people who said that they r first I am the 90 th person

  • Early ❤️

  • I love these pack battles, keep doing them pls

  • Early man


  • 223rd like, wooh

  • 8:20 2 in a pack for both

  • Ay Simon

  • yep

  • 100th

  • Wow 10 views

  • hi simon

  • I am happy that I am this early

  • How's everyone doing

  • ffffffffiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrsssssstttttt

  • If u are seeing this your here early and I love you

  • Come on the boys

  • Early gang

  • im first

  • Heyyyyyyy