THE HARDEST 1v8 ON MODDED AMONG US (Sidemen Proximity Chat)

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  • Didn't anyone eles notice that Simon said to callux "you're the sheriff and your gonna kill me" He basically told him he was a imposter.

  • That attack on Titan thumbnail tho FINAL SEASON IS LIT

  • Jesus loves you brochachos

  • 1v7 actually but yeah

  • simon you are dum why did you kill cyan

    • why simon

  • why does milk sound like dream?

  • Simon > Talia in among us, that's straight up facts

  • I love the fact that milk says “ the only time he does lights is when he’s impostor”

  • Tbh I much prefer normal among us instead of proximity chat

  • This cow is dead and you are still trying to milk it my g

  • 1v7 more like

  • Proximity is boring, it kills the pacing of the game

  • Should be 1v7

  • am I the only one that doesn’t like this mode ?

  • odm gear. love that

  • Anyone else think proximity ruined among us?

  • Thumbnail with the aot reference noice

  • These thumbnails are getting more appealing

  • Vikk is annoying af

  • Any school or college students watching here ❤️❤️❤️


  • funny @F4no

  • Ooo

  • What's the sheriffs job i dont understand

  • Lux simping talia

  • This is shit to watch I wanna watch man do tasks and not just huddling around talking. This is so wack

  • More forest pls

  • click for the aot blades

  • Hostile Vik is the absolute best 😂

  • Can we get the 2nd episode of the forest already?

  • Hey Simon, what happened to Toxic Minecraft? You forgot?

  • Proximity chat is silly. No one does any tasks

  • How many subscribers can I get with this comment currently 314👌

  • Week 1 Objectives guys

  • #canweseeforestaswell

  • The coordinated hearing ethnically decide because pear preferentially object an a hoc syrup. better, spiffy van

  • Viz is a simp to tahlia

  • 1v7*

  • Anyone else prefer when they played without proximity chat ??

  • Love the AoT reference

  • damn can't believe that i was that late

  • unpopular opinion: proximity chat made this game so much worse. I personally don't enjoy watching the videos anymore. It's just people standing in one spot and talk. Would be more interesting if you guys play the game like it used to be.

  • Happy Valentines Day!💙 Here's some virtual chocolate!🍫


  • Little AOT thumbnail 😂😂👍👍

  • I appreciate this thumbnail

  • Ignore my name, I genuinely feel like the prox mod ruins the game. I used to love seeing how half a second in game could warp the perspective of how a player could develop a sus of another player. Everyone just groups together now. The players don't discuss tactics with their stream anymore. There is a reason one of the main screens in game is "SHHHHHHH!" Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the bants but... I prefer watching the game played vanilla, the sleuthing, the totally wrong accusations based on a second worth of lag, or a player turning up at an unfortunate time and hesitating for half a second to report a body.

  • Rate the aot thumbnail

  • I don’t like playing with the sheriff

  • Finally among us is back on my screen 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • please play the forest daily

  • Sorry to say, these latest Among Us vids are dead. It is just you guys pissing around. Can we actually have some gameplay. It is a better watch.

    • @Gurpreet Singh yo what did milk say at 7:29 ?

    • Yeah. The Among Us vids used to bang even the early proximity chat ones but now, they're just so dead because nobody does tasks, everyone's always grouping making it impossible for the imps to kill anyone and they just do nothing but stand and fuck about. The Codenames vids are better to watch.

    • ikr

  • Josh saying "can you just vote me out please I just dont wanna be here anymore" is such a fat mood


  • This sidemen Sunday better be good

  • Arsenal vs Leeds Arsenal are leading 2:0 on 42 minutes

  • Simon and the Thumbnail artist back with more anime references

  • hey

  • POV: You’re waiting for Sidemen Sunday

  • Why does it show him in ODM gear in the thumb nail

    • Cause he’s doing this for the Eldians bro

  • technically 1v7 but I'll let it slide

  • Eren yeager is that you?

  • Weren’t that technically 1v7?

  • Lol

  • It's never a hard 1 v 8 in a sidemen lobby

  • Get on the forest 🌳 plz

  • Simon with his odm gear

  • Ellum just doesn’t help himself with the fact everyone thinks he’s useless

  • 1v7 no?

  • Finished what’s good podcast video so now this one soon gonna be sidemen Sunday x

  • are him and JJ watching AOT S4?

  • of course your partner was ellum

  • First

  • The aot thumbnail is elite

  • 25 minutes later wooo

  • We love that thumbnail 😂

    • @Grammar Police don’t care

    • @Medo Adel new season is fire 🔥

    • It’s the only reason I clicked who doesn’t like aot

    • @Ryan Ambler jojo is a great anime. And eren shares the same voice actor as koichi

    • @CALLME CONVICT definitely is

  • Is it not a 1 v 7

  • EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Could you hurry up and release another The Forest video already please, really enjoyed the last one.

  • like just for the sake for it

  • "Sidemen proximity chat" (the title) Yes, but no


  • 58th

  • Claim your “early people” ticket here 🎫

  • How many subs can I get from this comment? Currently 0

  • Are u and KSI still together

  • Wassup Simon

  • Yoooooo attack on titan reference , it’s my fav anime looool!

  • Simon and the Thumbnail artist back with more anime references

    • @UnchartedKnight01 They are probably keeping the bots for money like how Instagram is overloaded with bots, I’m actually done with these apps

    • @UnchartedKnight01 or racism, or idiots or anything! But that’s just the modern big industries like EA, UEFA, PL, Microsoft etc! None of which care about doing what’s right, but do care about who can make the most money!

    • @AHNv1 honestly cba youtube doesn't even do anything about bots like this

    • @Elijah Khaira ik some people are so stupid like they can’t tell that the account looks fishy and fake

    • @AHNv1 yeah but there’s still always loads of sado’s who still like them!

  • Right hear me out, proximity chat is so much better!!

    • @Isabella Vallance yeah if they played properly and chatted it’d be sickkkkk and then I’d fully agree with u

    • @Ellise Warner that is so true, didn’t think of it like that! but I do like how they can talk to eachotger when they are in a certain range of someone

    • I don’t think it is, they just mess around and it’s awful content cos we don’t see crew mates doing anything and u don’t see imposters kill properly

  • When they drew twice 😭

  • Aot thumbnail goes hard

  • Watch me win among us in 25 sec👍

  • Me waitin for the sidemen vid


  • Ahhhhh I’m so early compared to normal

  • Milk- "Viz your name is red and the lights are off around you and you're red" Callux - "So let's vote Milk" *Comedy 101*

  • plaese smash the like the button guys

  • Great video once again young money mint. You inspired me to be just as consistent as you in posting badass content

  • Where is gta pt2