THE BEST AXE IN THE GAME! The Forest With Talia, Ellum & VizuaLizah

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  • Everyone’s asking for Sidecraft I just want Forestman

  • Anyone else just straight binging?

  • U should play ark its an old game but its actually really enjoyable

  • Was so annoyed that Simon didn't wash of the blood

  • Ah yes *CLIPS*

  • i can never hear talia

  • 1:28:46

  • 1:28"46

  • 1:06:57

  • 32

  • 2:57 one of the best moments of this series

  • You can put a fireplace under a drying rack to slow cook the food and then place on a different drying rack after cooked with no fire underneath, it will keep the food from spoiling. Also you can make a repair tool to repair your gate :)

    • You dont even need the fire. It will naturally dry on the rack.

  • You can eat dried food don’t need to cook it

  • The pale kidney classically reduce because cardigan hepatosplenomegaly tire at a arrogant fender. scrawny, shivering mayonnaise

  • Wish it was Simon Talia and Ethan and elz ngl

  • Who remembers the good days when Ethan and Simon played the forest

  • Has no one told him that if it’s dried out on a drying rack you can take it and eat it on the go

  • Like if simons a goat

  • Love this series

  • Can they build stairs up to the plane?

  • Make an effigy and this series is great

  • STOP UPLOADING THIS EVERY DAY i absolutely love this series but i have normal school so i can’t keep up with them!!

  • Ellum really killing this series for me 😴

  • Imagine the sidemen doing this

  • I wanna see more of this type of stuff it’s actually very entertaining

  • Why do they never see the dang manifest on the airplane

  • Get a water skin

  • ngl i was urked that simon played this bare back in the day but forgot how to make markers, told them to make a temporary shelter to mark a location...

  • U can get a better axe and a chainsaw

  • What’s the game called that there playing

  • When they struggle to get in the plain I’m just like build a staircase 😂

  • Why is no one from chat telling Simon they dont need to cook dried fish. They can take the dried fish into caves

  • Quack!

  • Is this a zombie apocalypse game?

    • nope they crash landed on an island and those are cannibals that have mutated to become those monsters

  • Fyi skull lamps gives unlimited light (does not need to be relight)

  • timmy is long gone

  • Y’all better keep this game up

  • No one: Ellum: hu hu hu

  • Simon can you please play roller champions, it’s a very good game and although it’s a closed beta, I’m sure you can contact Ubisoft so you can play it!

  • Remember it took Simon and Ethan forever to find the katana

  • To drink sea water you need to make a waterskin then fill it up with sea water and boil it in the pot what you have on the fire

    • Naw just use normal water boiled and fill the skin.

  • Lmao I like how everyone is hyped for the forest videos and not the fifa ones

  • Ok simon i seen this episode now, comon upload a new one i need this🤣

  • Why don’t they just build stairs up into the plane...?

  • Sidemen should play this game together it would be so funny with JJ ,ETHAN,HARRY, trying to kill zombies and others too..

  • hi

  • Simon2stimpy

  • Simon gets sassy as fuck when the others find something exciting because it’s the first time they have played it.... settle down lol It’s obvious he has his way he wants to play the game but surely he should let the others fuck about a bit 😂

  • What is this game about?

    • they crash landed on an island and those are cannibals that have mutated to become those monsters

  • It pisses me of that they haven’t gotten the katana yet

  • Play forza horizon 4

  • I love this series so interesting love your content

  • Pls Make More of These Bro's and MiniMinter there is a Story to this GAME Fam!

  • *someone tell them in their next stream that drinking soda ruins your stamina. snacks too. they keep complaining about how bad it is.*

  • U can dry food and carry it with u.

  • ayo simon theres a video in your ads

  • Who agrees that they should build a bigger house with more stuff?

  • i love your content in general but seeing this brings back so many memories

  • I have been hooked to this series

  • Not to clickbait your title But Tbh Thats not the best axe its the second (clickbait or No brain)

    • lmao thats what they think cuz they just got it if you show a pistol to a caveman he will think its the best but he dosent know that their are better guns

  • I love watching you guys play this!!!!

  • SIMION go to the starting plane chop up the lady and u an wear a light attendent clothes

  • This kinda series is so fun Bro series gameplay are the best

  • Why does viz always burn himself its always him🤣

  • Simon make a water skin it saves so much water it cost two deerskin

  • Honestly loving this series please keep it up for a while

  • Getting ready for SOTF i see


  • My brain sleeeeeeeeeeep Me MINIMINTER!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Just me that have noticed like every time someone says something and it’s a lyric to a song, talia immediately starts singing the lyric?

    • Talia started singing as soon as I read this lmao

  • Here from🇨🇦 love the series🔥💯

  • Damn this is a really dark game I’m talking about visually like I need to turn my brightness up😂

  • If you told me a few years ago I would watch a realistic survival game with hour and a half episodes everyday and love it, I would laugh at you

  • When’s the next one ??? Corvette corvette

  • I assume they play this every day any1 what time Simon streams it on twitch

  • JJ should play this. He'd freak out man.. lol

  • Who’s the cringey posh kid that keeps trying to talk road? It’s so cringe can you make him stop

  • I bought this game and it was so laggy

  • Why not build a stair to the plane if your going to return there every time

  • Why not build a stair to the plane if your going to return there every time

  • If you get the chainsaw life becomes so much easier trust.

  • Hopefully this series goes on longer

  • You should play terraria with these lot

  • Viz innit

  • They definitely don't have a good sense of direction in caves lmao

  • Make a wall of heads

  • Make a wall of trophies


  • You can plant the blueberries in the garden and make a berry pouch out of animal skin and carry the berries around. They give you food and water. Like this so Simon can see it

  • Bro does these guys still not realise there’s a big huge hole on the island 😂😂

  • Y’all should play Modded Multiplayer Subnautica, that would be insane!

  • They should do this with the sidemen like 2 teams one with Simon one with ethan or josh and then the team with 3 people have like cal or randy or someone and see who can get the furthest in a set amount of days

  • Ok so i just started watching this. Have they found that big hole?

    • did you watch the other vids because you should starting from 1.

  • u past so many rooms to entire

  • Use a turtle shell as sledge for snow area it’s fun !!!

  • Why is ur torch light red

  • You can regrow trees I think just go to setting and just turn the option to on

  • i wish the sidemen would play games like this together /:

  • Hope simon continues this story its my favourite and i lobed the one he did with behz

  • Can’t you build a platform above the one where the crane is and use the crane to get up to that platform?