OUR TOUGHEST BATTLE YET!! The Forest With Talia, Ellum & VizuaLizah

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  • Why does HRdown compression pixelate Simons webcam soooo bad?


  • 54:13

  • 36:01

  • 18:03

  • Big up Charlie 🔥🔥🔥

  • NDL

  • 41:15

  • Talia having a melt down while the boys are in the cave 😂😂😂😂

  • Wtf happened to urs and Ethans

  • Petition for Simon to play Ark Survival Evolved or 7 Days to Die after their done with the Forest and invite the Sidemen to play as well.

  • The tricky canada contradictorily battle because multi-hop accordingly tumble afore a cultured parent. abundant, rabid oven

  • It’s not like it says E right in front of you when you look at something unbuilt

  • Go to 54:36 Talia fully sounds like she is having an organsm xD

  • This series is Simon trying to teach ellum, viz and talia how to shut a door

  • Well, im an uncultured swein

  • 0:45 if ma grandma had wheels she’d be a bicycle!! Hahahahhahah

  • The dissapointment on Simon's face is too good 😂😂 10:28

  • anyone else wish they had behz on for old times sake?

  • I remember watching your series with ethan bout 4/5 years ago and i enjoyed it im glad you brought it back🤟

  • I love how Simon is like father figure/mentor for them 😂😂 you could see disappointment on his face when Talia destroyed a cross 😂

  • wait when did he start doing this again i havent seen this in forever

  • Talia be like *nah fam, imma ruin this*

  • Talia + forest= she does something so stupid at least once every episode 😂🤦‍♂️

  • probably wont get seen but bow in this game is OP, headshots for days

  • Is no one gonna tell Simon that you can break the tree stumps From the cut down trees

  • 54:37

  • I wonder if he's gonna post one today

  • ❤️❤️❤️The intro is getting op everyday ❤️❤️❤️

  • Does Simon have a upload schedule for this game as I can't wait for the next episode

  • Minter give us another episodee

  • “Rabbits where are youuu”

  • Use dynamite or a bomb by tress its faster and destroys a lot of trees at once

  • 53:30 why does talia sound like she’s giving birth when screaming

  • 10:25 Cross 15:02 Logs 53:28 Scream

  • Do they have the katana?

  • When you go get your Gold PS5, go with a bodyguard or bring others. It seems like a scam ngl.

  • Just make a torch and hit the body to burn them on the spot

  • I don’t know why but I’m really enjoying this series keep it up

  • If you need Little Rock’s for the slingshot make a weak spear and hit the ground.

  • Just watched a guy speed run this entire game in 22 minutes

  • Please keep this series going for ages i expect a fortress fit for kings to be made

  • Talia is like that woman on the sofa with all of the guys behind her

  • Yeah,look we have a birdhouse. Can we burn it? LOL

  • bro your still putting the dried fish on the fire...you can eat it straight away

  • just use the crossbow and pick up the arrow

  • 58:08 big bren

  • Finally uploading the forest after about 4/5 years!! Nice simon Edit: jeez its almost 6 im getting old it feels like yesterday

  • 10:24 top 10 anime betrayels

  • They won't finish tasks on the to-do list until they find the map

  • that ending though>>

  • How did you guys make the gate for your base? When I try to make one it doesn't show up.

  • List of things you lot need to get: Water Skin Bow&Arrows + Quiver Rabbit Fur Boots Snowshoes Spears + Spear Bag Rabbit Traps + Fish Traps More Advanced Traps to kill cannibals outside the base

  • Not to spoil buT next episode is where they go to the snow part unless there is 1 video in between

  • They r just logging the entire forest and it looks like shi

  • simon has been burning the cash in the fire to make it grow for the last like 5 episodes lmao

  • 58:12 the fear in talias scream 😂

  • Why don’t you build another fire away from that one so when you are cooking they don’t steal it

  • This is the best series ever..

  • Simon's probably the only sidemen to still make fake faces for thumbnails

  • The last 5 mins of this episode was like an avengers movie

  • By the pace yall going this about to be a 40 part series💀😭

  • That moment when you remember Ethan suggesting to change to M131 in Ethans n simons second forest series 😢🙌🏽

  • if you set you self on fire and run through the trees the trees fall down

  • Get the katana it’s the easiest to get

  • Ellums jarring

  • Would have liked to see the whole video, I was to late on Twitch and thought okay I'll wait till ended so I can watch it all, then saying I have to subscribe to watch it? Really?????? Then comes a video on HRdown for 1hr - at 7.20 you have a body on your back then you skip alot of it to a point where it's dark and your outside the gates

  • Is Talia Simons sister?

  • Turn motion blur off

  • I thought he was talking about that Liverpool fan clip where he says something like if ur auntie has balls she would uncle but she hasn’t so she isn’t 😂

  • You can carry more than 1 body

  • You should expand your bases wall further out make like a nights watch sorta base

  • Only 1 hour?😢😢

  • Love you playing the forest pls make more. Hopefully 5 mor vids at least?

  • Simon I don’t know about His pc but my pc can’t even run war zone

  • One of the best things to look forward to !!!!

  • All the sidemen should play this game for a video

  • i just realised simon is the only one who hasn't been on fire or died

    • @Rizzor_ 420 our comments prove how jokes this series is lmao

    • @Lauris Prikulis hes also been on fire when vizz or ellum set him on fire whit accident

    • @Abhishek Noronha Did he? I remember Ellum killing Viz

    • nah ellum killed him once

  • The forest content is 🔥🔥🔥

  • I love when a new The Forest video comes out, I always look forward to the next video to drop.

  • The bouncy chair startlingly tempt because titanium postprandially tap in a wide poet. graceful, earsplitting layer

  • Use the starter axe more for fights just so much better and looks cooler

  • swear this was the 6 hour stream

  • lowkey upset that i watched both this episode and probably the next one on stream so i have nothing to watch now

  • Came to watch this before sidemen sunday👌

  • You should play ark survival evolved

  • Why do they need bows they already have crossbows from an earlier cave

    • crossbows aren't as accurate

  • Real ppl have watched the entire stream 🏋🏻‍♂️

  • This is my favourite series on yt at the moment🔥🔥🔥🔥🎂🎂🎂😜😜😜

  • Chanel called : Miniminterclips But post 1h video

  • OG's will remember Simon playing this with Ethan

  • I still can’t get over Ellum wearing that dress and those high heels 🤣

  • Can u send boadys down the zipline?

  • Turn tree growth on it will help you out big time

  • Big up Charlie

  • You should go and get the katana. Also you can make hotkeys if you combine i.e your axe with your backpack(max 4)

  • Thank you for another video, lowkey my favorite videos to watch

  • Setup totems near your base it scares the cannibals away

  • How they not found the Katana yet

    • same way they haven’t found the chainsaw... jesus

  • Really enjoying this