MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR BASE! The Forest With Talia, Ellum & VizuaLizah

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  • i wanna see the armour man

  • its unbelievable how annoying viz and ellum can be xD

  • Enjoying these bro

  • 29:01

  • if u find any dynamites u can throw them at a bunch of trees and the all brake down quicker

  • 10:16

  • 38:45

  • Simon “bridge to terabithia” Talia “that hurt me” Same 😫😭

  • 1:00:35

  • 27:14

  • 24:13

  • Talia singing is so irritating.

  • Who remember the days where Simon and Ethan used to play the forest together Like if you remember VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

  • No one Not a single soul Ellum: yaaaas

  • No control Towers inside the Camp???

  • can you block hit?

  • 10:15 😂😂

  • “Burn mother trucker burn” Ethan reference right?

  • This is how many weeks we have been waiting for this series 👇

  • Literally did they know that they can boil water using the pot .

  • OG's remember when he did this with ethan THE GOOD OLD DAYS

  • Lighter in daytime is killing me....

  • Simon just doesnt take down that lighter and it is TRIGGERING ME

  • Unpopular opinion but who finds Ellum kinda annoying? 🤷‍♂️

  • They should do an ark series I think it would be hilarious

    • Exactly it’s like a better version of this game

  • please build a bonfire

  • Sling shot really helps for hunting small animals

  • Simon upgrade the fireplace outside oh and you can have a flare under water I think

  • I can't wait till the armies start coming after them and destroy their entire tree base lmao

  • All the trees are gonna go down after the mutants show up

  • IMO bone spear(sticks and bones) best weapon

  • I don’t even really like video games in fact I use to think it was so dumb for ppl to watch others play them but for some reason I can’t stop watching this series ....

  • Why does it sound like Ellum said the N-word at 55:19

  • Anyone think it was better when he played with Ethan?

  • im doing the hardest difficulty and uploaded 3 vids, its so hard to play when all you get is destroyed. really enjoyed this!

  • I can’t wait for sons of the forest and dead matter survival games like this are so fun

  • It’s weird that I started playing this not to long ago and now Simon is playing

  • Simon u can right click to reverse the boat. Jeezzzz 🤦

  • They need behz like the old days

  • Simon should title the new Forest video "ME AND TALIA ARE GETTING MARRIED?" and just role play get married in the church as a joke. The fans that constantly ask about them getting married will be pissed, and it'll be hilarious

  • Simon ask Ellum to check his book and go to him health progression 😂

  • Are they saying Corvette or Curve it?

  • When I think clips: short videos that have interesting/memorable moments When Simon thinks clips: 1 hours 30 Minutes of playing a video game 😭😂

  • Simon does realise that he can reverse the raft ?

  • 39:03 the mighty morphin bad guys ?? the putties

  • We get it Talia, you sing, you can stop now

  • idk who it is but there is some other guy there that tries being funny and really isn’t it puts me off

  • Play ark

  • this is like vikks ark survival

  • The unkempt handicap conservatively tug because beard pathogenetically listen regarding a weary spandex. mushy, quaint preface

  • Acc pray they finish the whole game

  • yo you know that you can play the same game but in vr you should do that for an episode

  • Can you explore more? Go fight more monsters and find more caves... this game isn’t a game for building.

  • I watched it live not this series is so good I wana. Watch ir again

  • pov: u cant get enough of this series

  • Ngl this bangs

  • This series is elite, I loved the forest with josh and behz and this is is sickk!

  • Simon,make an armor stand and put all you armor that you get from the BIG cannibals, so you can save it for the final boss.

  • Talia looks like she has been pushed to the side shes like a brussel sprout of a roast dinner but simon/Viz/Ellum They are The Big U know

  • U should play ARK Survival

  • When’s the next episode?

  • Where is the next part? i am waiting

  • You can build a trophy stand with the body parts and scare them away

  • More of this!!

  • 21:48 Simon: she looks like Demon Slayer Talia: hits them with fire torch by accident 😂😂😂

  • can’t lie i really hate ellum

  • You have to burn the bodies, or the big creatures spawn

  • Please don’t do what you and Behz did and just stop playing in the middle of the series please.

  • You guys should make a fire outside of the base to burn bodies

  • Audio was kinda low

  • Really recommend you try green hell, amazing game.

  • next episode?

  • Ayo when's the next one coming out

  • 21:40 Nezko Chan! (Demon Slayer)

  • Those mutant ones used to be so much harder to kill

  • If u put a log to a zipline it transports it to the other end of zipline

  • Is there a way I can mute Ellum when watching these videos?

  • No one. Viz and talia every video: courvette courvette

  • When’s the next video I cant get enough of thisssss

  • make a spear it has longer attack range

  • Simon go back to the plane for the passenger list u need to find

  • build a house on the water down by boat and do a zip line to it

  • I love this series, drop the other one, don’t be shy

  • you should make the zipline go over the wall into the base, like can u make a platform inside the base and place the zipline on

  • waiting on the next video rn

  • Why can't I watch this stream on his twitch channel... It says no videos available.. Hmm

  • Daily vids

  • Who else has noticed simon’s brain and reaction time is much slower nowadays. Mans getting old 💀

    • Satnam Gugar You can’t really tell playing this game. Very slow pace. I haven’t seen Simon play cod recently so idk but from the old videos I watched he doesn’t have the best reaction time anyways.

  • do this with Behz again 🙏

  • Theres me watching this on my phone and Simon suddenly shouting pussio, my parents giving me a death stair🤣

  • It annoys me that they haven’t realised u can burn the body’s by hitting them with the fire torch

  • When’s this coming to Xbox

    • Unfortunately it's not on Xbox, it's on PS4 so maybe they will bring it other but I doubt it. If you have a PS4 I would use that.

  • You should play 7 days to die

  • Build the wall out to cover the church, a stone wall would be a cool project maybe surrounding your docks at the water

  • Honestly haven't seen a group besides all sidmen that can play a game and actually get shit done whilst having fun, hope u never stop playing and make like a MASSIVE city or something

    • Ellum pisses me off tho

  • Why they aren’t making effegies?

  • By the way 7 cloth makes 1 rope

  • I’m so bored that I’m watching this for the 2nd time this week 😂streams are better I think though 😂😏

  • i was watching this when it was live on twitch but i fell asleep and i dont know at what point it was that i fell asleep at

  • Build a blueberry far for food it's really good no matter how big it is it take only 4 logs to build and you get the seeds fro eating blueberry's