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  • As for some reason a lot of you struggle with the rules here's it again: Two teams (Red v Blue) compete by each having a "spymaster" that give one-word clues followed by a number that can point to multiple words on the board. The other players on the team attempt to guess their team's words while avoiding the words of the other team and the bomb.

    • How do I add custom words it’s really confusing 😂

    • My brain melted trying to understand the rules

    • Keep posting this

    • How many subs can i get off this comment Current 45

    • How many subscribers can i get from this comment currently: 72

  • Does anyone know how you upload custom words ?

  • How do you get custom packs

  • Who knows the link for this version of the game

  • Does anyone know what website to play this on?

  • 17:10 for mia malkova

  • 17:59 for the thumbnail

  • how do you get that template for codenames

  • where do you play this

  • What game is this? I keep finding different versions

  • 18:00 jheez i respect this action from simon

  • Where do i play this game?

  • Anyone want to play this with me, or set up a Discord server or smth, pls respond.

  • How does nobody know what a caboose is, ITS THE END OF A TRAIN

  • Caboose is the last car(section) of a train.

  • Lmao, i Swear he always gets mad when he plays with viz

  • This game is simple and fun

  • What Website is this??????

  • NDL

  • Anyone got the link for this game

  • A swear talia is so bad at this game

  • where do we play this

  • Yo play more cod its a really good game

  • freya completely threw the first one words: spider, shop, pole freya: mUsiC

    • Spiderbait

    • Hardly a throw when no one else could come up with a word to link all three

  • sorry? eat 3 for lobster, orgasm and BLONDE?

  • Is this a reupload

  • i cant believe they didnt connect FACIAL hair as in a beard sooner lmao

  • That Malkova clue was goated

  • "i will firm the daddy" -Ellum 2021

  • How the hell do people not know what a caboose is

  • You could link the three with "animal" Animal/pet"shop" Tad"pole" Spider Probably the best chance in my mind

    • Or money for money spider, spend money in a shop and spend money at a strip club where there’s poles

    • or support support beams for a shop support pole to hold up a building and spiders hand out int he corners of the roof and support beams idk though, kinda vague

  • how do they not know the actual meaning of caboose

  • Malkova

  • JJ's meme (Yes, yes........, no, no,..........) is perfect for this game

  • How tf do you not know what a caboose is??? 💀

    • @Big Bean 😂

    • @Will Chan in america no one uses it after like elementary school. Except when they’re talking about someone with an absolute wagon 💀

    • @Breh same, idk how I know it tbh

    • We’re British mate no one uses that word.

    • lmao was thing the sameeee

  • Read my name please

  • Hey Iv just started a channel , any support would be amazing x

  • NOVA RED will be one of the big names in the music industry, God has a plan ✅🙏🏽💯🚨

  • Caboose is a mortal kombat HRdownr

  • Need to do shellshock w talia again

  • hrdown.info/block/video/0Zetictppq2Pja8

  • Freya: “Romantic 3” Milk: “Cuffs” Me: Wooow wait what... MAD!🤣

  • I know I’ve seen this round before and I’m positive it was Simon’s POV, is this a repost or was it put up on another channel first? Or am I totally out of it?

    • @Omar S. it must’ve been put into another video of his, the first round at least because I know I watched it already.

    • idk

    • I was thinking the same thing, i feel like I saw it somewhere before

  • Simon notice me please

  • what is this game called?

  • Straw waters dodgy

  • Seems like Frey’s knows nothing about trains

  • Is caboose not an English thing. I’m from Canada and I knew right away train was caboose

    • We dont use that word at all

    • @moose man in the UK we never say caboose I had only heard it in American tv, we don’t say it here at all

    • I was so confused, im american and they saying what they thought a caboose was was so confusing

  • Ooooo

  • Oi you have to play Among us VR!

  • Malkova clue was gold

  • anyone got a link to this version of the game?

  • Can someone tell me where I can find this version of the game, can only find the characterise one....

    • @DropYour B2sMore lmao it's not that deep it's codies.xyz Simon shares it on stream via his nightbot

    • It's a Fanmade Site, and The Developers don't want this site promoted because they are getting all the attention, so if you play on this site on stream, you have to block the url on it and you can't share the url

    • same

  • How do they not know what a caboose is???

    • @G A technically yes but not everyone uses it to describe the back of the train. they just say the back of a train

    • @G A not for a brit

    • @alyssa givens cheers is it common knowledge or something?

    • @G A it's the back of a train

    • @G A can mean ass

  • hahahahahah I'm deadddd

  • What is the point of this game

  • simon gets so angry!!

  • Amazing

  • Pov: you don’t like people asking for likes Like if u agree

  • Won’t lie codenames is boring already

  • It's teabag and sugar, then the water, take the teabag out and finally add the milk

    • @HalfViper 6 Yeah no, defo different tea than what is normal here lol

    • @Katican Arts tea with milk

    • Imagine drinking tea though

    • It's defo a culture thing, but what kind of tea do you drink if you add milk?

    • nah, you add the sugar after you take out the teabag

  • These vids r the best on this channel honestly

  • It triggered me when they didn’t get caboose for train

    • what triggered me more is Simon and talia are on Twitch for so long and knows 5head is an emote but doesn't know 4head which is a twitch global emote and origin 11:11

    • they’re british lmao

  • Loving this game! Like if you agree

  • Dont tell her!

  • What a throw by Talia 🤣🤣🤣

  • 17:17 all the boys are having a giggle and Talia is so innocent

    • @G A sorry

    • @Vonid Stfu

    • How many subscribers can i get from this comment currently: 72

    • hrdown.info/block/video/2o2xqZeVncmhqpY

  • Swear to god Talia's logic is so bad in codenames

  • Congrats to whoever found this comment

  • Love this game it's so fun to watch! Need to get the boys on this 👍

  • T fyck

  • Absolutely lovingly these vids

  • no

  • yd u break jj's heart simon. #go back to jj

  • Paypal me 12£ for subway

  • My favourite game to watch atm.

  • 42nd

  • We need more and longer episodes

    • @Vonid wow you got 70 as soon as I sub rn

    • YES

    • How many subscribers can i get from this comment currently: 72

    • hrdown.info/block/video/q3lpp7R_prKLdac

  • Early gang where u at

  • This is the amount of times they said daddy at the start 👇

  • everyones a genius until milk and simon get in one team.

    • yet they lost whilst on the same team 😂

    • How many subscribers can i get from this comment currently: 72

    • hrdown.info/block/video/q3lpp7R_prKLdac

    • hrdown.info/block/video/q3lpp7R_prKLdac



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  • Hellob

  • POV your early but you don’t know what to say

  • Hi

  • Noti gang wya

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  • woop 2 secs

  • 30 seconds early

  • Hiiii

  • goat

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  • Yoooo what up simonnnn

  • early bird innit?

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