AMONG US BUT I PLAY SHERIFF!! (Modded Among Us) (Sidemen Proximity Chat)

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  • I want to play this with my friends but I have 2 questions. 1)Do my friends have to download this mode too? 2)If someone have cracked among us, can he play?

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  • Can anyone tell me why he has a picture of his face with noob on his forehead in the bottom middle. It’s super annoying.

    • it's only when he's streaming to cover the lobbycode so noone joins the lobby

  • make another sideman rocket league game its always funny ahahaha

  • love how talia plays with 9 guys lmao

  • Can u play cod ?

  • That play couldn't have gone any better. high iq play and it panned out

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  • Randolph being a simp confirmed 3:08

  • That IQ play by Simon will go down in the books.

  • These are the best videos

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  • Literally just post only this

  • yes finally i among us video

  • the sheriff mod actually stinks smh

  • What’s the difference between sheriff and imposter

    • sheriff has to kill the imposter

  • Whats the difference between Sheriff and imposter I’m confused

    • A sherif is able to kill imposters by guessing who it is, but if they guess wrong and kill a crew mate they end up dying

  • Amung us is backk!!!🎉🎉

  • 9:45 omg callux tried to put the lights out

  • 2:39 omg so cute 🥰

  • What does the Sheriff do?!

  • Who else saw this live?

  • That was shit

  • Milk is the new wizzite

  • The wizzard 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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  • U can save the world This is how u can do it trust me:- and u r a great pearson never give up

  • U can save the world This is how u can do it trust me:- and u r a great pearson never give up

  • that mod is so useless fam like the sheriff barely does anything lol

  • This has straight become murder mystery

    • Become? Wasn’t it that from the very beginning...

  • " take that energy elsewhere 🥰" - Zerkaa 2021

    • @Eddie G fr🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Can’t lie it was crease 😂

  • Sidemen should play MAFIA, its almost like Among Us IRL

  • this mode is sickkk



  • It was josh so obv lol

  • Its been a long time waiting, a banger, if feels like a long timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • What does the sheriff do

    • They can kill the imposter but if they kill a crew mate they die themselves

  • Wait I don’t understand the role of the sheriff lol

    • @Nicki Sans7 oh right ok thank you :)

    • @J O no, the crew mate stays alive and the sheriff would die

    • Sheriff good imposter bad

    • @Nicki Sans7 I thought the crew mate dies too

    • @Nicki Sans7 Oh. Now I understand why Callux messed up with his story

  • She’s in the mud 😂😂

  • I laugh so much ahhahaha

  • Whats the name of this game?

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    • @Shreya Patel stfu u talk to much

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    • @Fay can see why you only got 2 subs then

  • what is this new sheriff thing

  • ?

  • hey everyone, i make funny video's which i genuinely love doing and if you could check me out I'd be so so grateful! Have a great day!

  • the sidemen need to do more modded among us games

  • Man among us is soo addictive to watch

  • The sidemen need to play First Class Trouble

  • Finally some modded among us

  • Yes among us is finally back

  • I still don't even understand this game mode

    • @adil khan yeah, and if the sherrif kills an imposter the imposter dies and the sherrif stays alive

    • @adil khan depends which type of sherrif mod

    • @Charlotte so if the sheriff kills one of the crewmates, the sheriff dies and the crewmate that the sheriff tries to kill survives?

    • Bru how

    • if you’re the sheriff your job is to try and find out who are the impostors and kill them, but if you kill crew, you die instead

  • Do medic mod and spy mod

  • Do sheriff on MoreSidemen

  • oh let’s go

  • Hi Simon just want to say hi

  • Simon your a king bro

  • If you want to be/are a HRdownr, I believe in you! Grind it out and have fun, we are all in this together 🖤


    • @Beta LOOOL i dont even need to answer anymore🤣🤣🤣

    • @CPG Beats dead

    • Hi I don’t want to annoy anyone but I’m 13 and I make beats I just want some honest opinions. All will be appreciated Thx😁

    • India represent

  • back with amoung us

  • Only the real ones watched this live

    • I watched viks stream

  • 2:40 That scream go her voted out 😂😂

    • she sounded like a kid

    • @Common Sense Isn’t Common True

    • @Unicorn Lover 360 Lol their lobby makes no sense😂 They vote anyone out for crazy reasons, I think someone once got voted for reporting the body. It’s not even just Talia

    • @Anonymous User what?

    • @Ashley Ibarria children u

  • 2:41 when Talia screamed made me lol😝

  • Claim your early people (within 24 hours) here

    • No the real early people are the people who watched this live

  • Can someone please tell me what is this sheriff mode basically?

    • Thanks guys✔️🙌

    • Yeah and if you accidentally try to kill an innocent, you die instead.

    • If you think you know who the killer is then you can kill them. If they aren't the imposter then you get killed and that can prove their innocence.

    • Its a mode where in the crewmates there is one sheriff and two impostors and the sheriff must figure out who is the impostor and kill him

    • You have the ability to kill people who you think are impostors.

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  • Simon is lowkey the shittest sheriff ever

  • How do you get them mods

  • Surely that first kill was josh.....

    • Josh just trolls thou 😂

    • Exactly what I thought when I watched the stream 😂

  • who else watched his stream

  • who disliked u havent even watched it!!!

    • They think they’re cool being the first to dislike

  • Yess

  • 23

  • I hate Ellum with a passion

  • Congrats to y'all who saw this live last night on Vik's channel

  • You probably won’t see this but can you upload your last game from last night where you were imposter I had to go

  • Fun fact evryone commenting hasnt watch the video yet

    • not true. some people would've seen through the stream, so they've sent it

    • Hate these comments

  • I was acc watchin this in his stream on twitch last night

  • Watched this live on his stream last night , was pretty funny lol 😂

  • Basically imposter and crew at the same time 😂

  • I'm early af

  • .

  • Hi

  • Simon is elite

  • 106 likes and 19 views??????

    • HRdown caps off views unitill it updates idk if it still does but it used to cap off at like 42 views the whole time for like 20 mins

  • that sheriff callout on Callux was the best thing I swear

    • @Hannah Weatherill there's an edit button, just saying😁

    • @Hannah Weatherill the survivor?

    • @Hannah Weatherill oh I'm grateful for your time ❤️

    • @KausThita the sheriff try’s to kill the imposter. if they get it right then they keep going on but if they get it wrong then the survivor and they die

    • and the “ELECTRICAL” *everyone proceeds to vote talia out*

  • love your content

  • stan loona


  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment....

  • If you’re seeing this have a good day

  • Early gang wya

  • First

    • Nope ur second someone got here before u