A NEW BEGINNING! The Forest With Talia, Ellum & VizuaLizah

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  • Everyone ignoring simon at 22:20 - 22:40 lmao

  • It got so relaxing near the mid way point, it stopped being Ellum and talia fighting and everyone just chilled

  • I’m a new subscriber just because of this game 💯

  • My third time watching this series can’t wait for the forest 2!!!

  • anyone else rewatching it after it finished :'(

  • 2 weeks ago this is what it was like even tho now there finished :/

  • wassup Minter

  • Anyone coming back after the ending?!?!

  • Is ellum related to talia or something because he’s always begging of her

  • Dumb people =boring series 😒

  • Simon at the start of the game was missing behz 😭

  • 1:51 BRO WTF💀

  • Simon if you didn’t know you can duplicate cloth btw

  • Favourite game in the world the storyline is just so good

  • Should give phasmaphobia a go! Very interesting game 😄

  • this wouldve been better if ethan was oing it with them

  • Would be better just Simon and tali’s ngl others are annoying af

  • bruh said he cold and jumped in the fire

  • NDL

  • I’m playing this game now can someone tell me where to get the rebreather I’ve been in cave 5 but can’t find it

  • Omg yesss

  • 23:45 Simon defo thought he called Talia I bitch 😂

  • little lads head charted the table on the plane, haha

  • simon and ethan made that house only ogs remeber

  • Who else can’t wait for the new forest game to come out this year

  • tip for the future build your eslf a slaigh for wood so yyou can bring back more wood to you camp

  • Simon is the leader of this group eventhough he follows others He's more organized and finds new discoveries

  • simon: *Drinks booze* *absolutely nothing happens* also simon: "little bit waved"

  • Not ethan 😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • I love the forest thanks for playing again

  • I miss Ethan and Simon playing this game

  • what's the deal with the friendship bench and why does Talia get annoyed by it?

  • anyone else feel like milk was in this but know he wasn’t just me ?

  • Nothing will beat Ethan and Simon on this

  • Try out "Grounded" would love to see you do a playthrough!

  • Ellum is hilarious

  • Only ogs remember Effigies effigies gotta lot a effigies

  • I've played this with daz games and it was really cool but a bit creepy


  • bring ethan back for this

  • on the thumbnail you got toxic but in game pssy

  • I like how you say lads when talia is their she’s apart of the lads

  • 46:36

  • 46:00

  • 40:14

  • 16:57


  • i LOVE this game

  • Awesome

  • OG's will remember to remind Simon to put away his damn lighter lmfao

  • Talia is such a W for a girlfriend

  • Dang i beat this game a min ago

  • Who else wishes this was with Ethan, Josh and Vik?

  • I feel old because of this

  • I love the Forest

  • Yes just yes

  • Ellum annoyed me the whole time ngl


  • Man... I miss EMon, playing this game... It doesn't hit the same as before

  • Hope he plays the sequel

  • Games like these are the reason for want a pc can’t afford one though😂😞

    • @Ceri James i mean what changes lol the only difference i can see are the frames

    • @Snakexoxo 2018 pal and it’s not as good

    • it's on ps4 from 2016 lmao

    • @Anonymous Asmr I don’t think so I did check the other day unless something has changed

    • Pretty sure u can get forest on PS4 now But yh I prefer having a pc

  • Do more plspls

  • Why does it seem like that guy is flirting with talia😂

  • The forest with ethan was an amazing series

  • cant wait for the second 1 this 1 was a a bit ez and ye

  • This maybe the only scenario in which Simon eats fish without puking

  • I played this game in its alpha stage it was very fun and addicting

  • Love this series

  • the fact behz wasnt in this makes me mad

  • Is it on XBOX or just PC and if it is, is it free

  • its so upsetting he doesnt remember how to play

  • Simon is like the adult taking 3 kids on a camping trip

  • im so gased your playing forest again but next time bring ethan

  • when is next sream

  • This is a great video but NOTHING will ever be as good as Ethan and Simons forest series

  • Ethan: 😢

  • Where’s fucjing Ethan

  • #BringBackBehz

  • gotta get ethan on the series cmon

  • Where tf is ethan

  • yooo can't lie wanted this to be Simon and Ethan again :(

  • Swear this is like the third time he’s done this and each time he’s stopped half way

  • play rust

  • The fact that Ethan isn’t in this is disappointing

  • Simon is already frustrated with them😂

  • I love how Talia is chill with Simon saying the lads and her be apart of the lads she's such a queen 😂

  • The series with Ethan was so much better

  • You can only carry 3 fish

  • simon has forgotten how he was bullied for keeping the lighter on in day time...

  • Simon how is it like raft

  • I love how the forest is getting the love it deserves

  • Simon: So the thighs are thighs!? You learn something new everyday

  • You can eat the cannibals

  • so many people get annoyed by ellum lmao i love him n think hes funny tbh the only thing annoying is u lot complaining

  • I’m happy it’s back

  • It doesnt hit right without ethan

  • omg this is giving me flashbacks of when he played it with ethan

  • Should’ve added Ethan back:(

  • I remember this with Ethan time ago

  • Yes I have been waiting for years